Book 38 – American Psycho

“American Psycho” by Bret Easton Ellis (1991)

audio book narrated by Mick Landrum

As I have previously mentioned, I purchased several audio books when audible had a sale recently. I knew this book was a modern classic and I snapped it up for a bargain, feeling very virtuous that I was going to be able to tick another book on the next one of those silly “How Many of these 100 Books Have You Read?” quizzes on Facebook.

And then… then… I started listening…

This is definitely the most disturbing thing I have ever read. Largely because of how accurately it portrays the consumer-driven yuppie culture of the ’80s. You know, with some putridly graphic decapitation and violent sex scenes thrown in for shock value.

The novel reveals protagonist Patrick Bateman’s actions, morals (or lack thereof) and predilection for chopping people up and eating bits of them (maybe). He is an extremely wealthy merchant banker on Wall Street and there are hints that he has come from monied stock as well. The novel is a confronting stream-of-consciousness vomit of a book which I could not stop listening to, despite it being vile from beginning to end. I actually found myself several times with my hand over my mouth, chanting in my mind “they’re just made up words, they’re just made up words…”

Mummy. Don’t read this book. Susan. Read this book.


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