Book 35 – Love Your Sister

“Love Your Sister” by Connie Johnson and Samuel Johnson (2014)

Audio book narrated by Connie Johnson and Samuel Johnson

I don’t know anyone with breast cancer. I don’t have breast cancer. But I have breasts. And checking them is one of my husband’s favourite things to do.

I often browse audible, looking for something different, because the commute swallows books whole. Audible recently had a sale and Love Your Sister was one of the reduced books. Look, fine, I bought the book because Samuel is cute. Now I’ve said it. I also bought it because Love Your Sister was at Tulip Time in Bowral. And that made it feel like it was meant to be. Read the book because they’re just down the road. Didn’t he ride a unicycle all over the place or something? Probably a good listen.

I actually didn’t realise that Connie and Samuel narrated the book themselves until I started listening. I’ve blogged before about the power of a good narrator, and the extra layer of a first person story as an audio book. It makes it an even more enjoyable experience.

Well, if it is possible to say that listening to ‘a cancer book’ was enjoyable, then this is it. Love Your Sister isn’t a story about cancer, though. It’s a story about a beautifully peculiar, quirky family who have had their fair share of challenges and have always dealt with them exactly the way my family deals with everything… by pouring bucket loads of unconditional love around.

I loved this book about Connie’s journey and the process of making the year-long adventure of Samuel riding a unicycle around Australia a reality. Connie’s dream to raise some money for cancer research has resulted in a movement much bigger than she could have ever imagined. What an achievement!

I laughed. I cheered. I cried. And I checked my boobs. I highly recommend this book… and check your boobs.

To learn more about Love Your Sister, go to or check them out on Facebook and Instagram.


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