Book 28 – Loyal Creatures

“Loyal Creatures” by Morris Gleitzman (2014)

I’m a big Gleitzman fan and I see his books on students’ desks in wide reading lessons all the time. He has a natural flair for engaging writing and kids love him.

I saw “Loyal Creatures” in the book shop in Huskisson last time we were there and read the blurb. I don’t usually buy his books because mostly they are better being left to be loved in their own right than to be ruined by a rotten English teacher. But something about “Loyal Creatures” suggested a good teaching text, so I picked it up.

The book is about Frank and his Dad. And their horses. And World War I. And the Australian bush. And the Light Horse. And Egypt. It’s got sad bits and happy bits and bits that make you laugh out loud.

What I loved about this book was the easy authenticity of the voices. I think it would be a really successful text in a voices of war unit or any close study focusing on the concept of voice. It is an easy read and would make a great text for lower ability year 7 or 8.

I’m definitely adding this one to my book room wish list.


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