Book 22 – Anne of the Island

“Anne of the Island” by Lucy Maud Montgomery (1915)

Narrated by Susan O’Malley

This is the third book in the Anne of Green Gables series. Each book has been as lovely to listen to as the last. There really is something beautifully simple and innocent about the Anne books. This one sees Anne finally head off to Redmond College to complete her BA. Despite everything seeming to have pointed towards a romantic union between Anne and Gilbert Blythe, when he proposes in their second year, Anne turns him down flat, telling him she can never love him. She then spends two years being courted by Roy Gardiner, the tall, dark and handsome stranger who rescued her in a rain shower. This seems to be destiny in Anne’s eyes, as it is the dream beginning to the romance she’s been waiting for.

I had a terrible moment early on when I mentioned to a stranger in passing conversation that I was listening to this book. She said, “oh, you must be sad about Gilbert, then” which sent me into a steep decline as I was still, at that stage, assuming a lovely romance. A quick text to my Anne-expert, Laura, clarified that the stranger was making reference to the recent passing of the actor who played Gilbert in the movies. Seriously… movies??? I don’t need to have read all the books to know that the books are better.

I’m pretty sure I’m one of the only people I know who hadn’t previously read the Anne books. But if you happen to be as odd as me, sort yourself out. The Anne of Green Gables books are beautiful.


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