Book 14 – Rangers Apprentice (Book Four): Oakleaf Bearers

“Rangers Apprentice (Book Four): Oakleaf Bearers” by John Flanagan (2006)

I read my first Rangers Apprentice book about three years ago, after hubby was adamant I needed to give fantasy more of a chance. I have blogged previously about Books One, Two and Three and described this series as fantasy lite – the only kind of fantasy I’m likely to read willingly.

In Book Four, our hero, Apprentice Ranger Will, and his companions Horace and Evanlyn, are found in the outskirts of Skandia, far from home, by Will’s mentor, Halt. They become embroiled in an impending war between the Temujai and the Skandians. All of them find something of worth to offer to the warmongering Skandians, with their focus solely on getting Evanlyn (who is really Princess Cassandra, daughter of King Duncan of Araluen) back to her father.

The widespread appeal of this series is obvious as the adventures are exciting and engaging. The characters are appealing and believable and the narrative, albeit formulaic, is not too predictable.

I wouldn’t teach the Rangers Apprentice books, but I have recommended them many times to junior students who are looking for something new to read. This was just the right book for my first holiday read.



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4 responses to “Book 14 – Rangers Apprentice (Book Four): Oakleaf Bearers

  1. Brett

    Have you read Game of Thrones? I’m not recommending it (I haven’t read it) but it appears at a difference to rely more on characters and the machinations of different characters than the usual wizards and warriors quest driven novels.

    Also I’d be curious as to your opinion surrounding a question posed to me if Game of Thrones should have place in school libraries, specifically for older readers.

    And finally have you attempted any of the Discworld Novels by the late 😦 Terry Pratchett? I highly recommend them especially his latter ones which move away from simply satirising the fantasy tropes and moves into using the world he’s created to make comments on our own.

    • Great question re Game of Thrones. To be honest, the sheer size of the tomes is enough to put me off. We have only recently started watching the show and I can see how the books would be appealing to me from a narrative perspective, but I just don’t feel willing to invest the time. As far as the library goes, we don’t have them in ours because of the sex and violence but one of my year 7 boys was reading them last year and when I asked, he said his dad read them and passed them on… so… who am I to judge?
      I haven’t read any Discworld Novels but they are definitely on my radar because every reader I respect recommends them… you included.

      But now it’s time for Lee’s new book!!! SQUEE!!!

      • Brett

        I know the TV series has lots of sex and violence. But apparently the books are less so, and I was just wondering if they were “less so” enough to stock them in the library. I was going to read the books but can’t get into it, because I’ve already watched the series and am a bit bored.

        Hope you enjoy Lee’s book!

  2. Brett

    *at a glance*

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