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Book 6 – Everything Changes But You

“Everything Changes But You” by Maggie Alderson (2012)

Every now and then I just slip into old habits and read a trashy chic lit book for some light relief. I started this book over two weeks ago and it has actually been a really tough slog to get it finished. I made myself a promise at the start of this year to read books to the end, good, bad or indifferent, and blog accordingly. The reason was that I realised that there were a number of books I had given up on last year which meant that my blog left the impression that almost all the books I read are amazing.

They’re not. This book is shite. Unmitigated, plotless, pointless, meaningless, drivel-filled shite. Which is quite a pity really, because Alderson has written some books that I have really enjoyed. “Pants on Fire” and “Mad About the Boy” are two books that have stayed with me from years ago. I still lend them to people. “Mad About the Boy” has been read so many times by so many friends that it is falling apart.

That won’t happen with this book. In case you’re still reading and care… Matt is a¬†ridiculously gorgeous, perfectly charming, song-writing male-model and Hannah is a stuck up pom who is a beauty editor for an online beauty magazine. They live in London. Matt is Australian. They have a clash of cultures thing, a move to the village thing, a dead Dad thing, a Matt in Australia/Hannah in the village thing and absolutely nothing worth writing¬†about happens from beginning to end. Predictably, apart from the dead Dad, everyone lives happily ever after.

Predictable, shallow, insultingly twee – this book was a waste of my money.

But tonight… tonight I will start “Retribution Falls” and I am EXCITED.


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