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Book 20 – Dust

“Dust” by Hugh Howey (2013)

You can read my reviews of “Wool” and “Shift”, the first two collections in this trilogy of sorts, if you take a stroll through earlier entries this year. “Dust” is the much anticipated final instalment of the story. I devoured “Wool” and was pleasantly surprised that “Shift” wasn’t the usual kind of nothing second book that often comes along in a trilogy.

“Dust” has pros and cons. I am extremely pleased with the ending. I do like a good wrap-up that leaves me feeling hope and satisfaction. Nevertheless, it took a while to get there and for most of the book I was thinking, yeah, cool, whatever, DO SOMETHING.

I already know all the die-hard “Wool” fans who will, have or are reading this book. I do thoroughly recommend the series if you are a science fiction or dystopian fiction fan like me. But, to be honest, Howey’s probably really lucky he hooked me at the start because there’s nothing to write home about at the last.


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