Book 13 – Not Dead Yet: Labor’s Post-Left Future

“Not Dead Yet: Labor’s Post-Left Future” by Mark Latham (2013)

This was a holiday of variation, after all, so what else to follow up with from a Sci Fi, a weird kind-of-kids’ book and a soppy chic lit novel, than a bit of juicy politics!

This was a really fascinating read. I’ve never really taken to Latham. Too much of the bully-boy in him for me, but this essay had me reacting so strongly that poor old hubby kept asking me what was going on. Just as Latham would draw me in with a logical, no-holds-barred comment about the reality of Australia and its politics in 2013, he would slap me back down with a stupid comment that made me cross.

There are three outstanding elements to this text that make it worth the read:

  • astute observations regarding the party’s loss of connection with its constituents;
  • a clearly articulated explanation of the ‘underclass’ and its struggles; and
  • breathtakingly accurate opinion regarding the state of the education system (but not his view on the solutions).

Of course, no one in the party who should be listening will give it the time of day. This essay probably spells out a way for Labor to stay in power in September. But who’s going to listen to Latham?


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