Book 12 – Lola’s Secret

“Lola’s Secret” by Monica McInerney (2011)

I bought this book in 2011. I had read some of McInerney’s other books, and picked it up as one of a collection of different books I got with a Christmas gift voucher. When I settled down to read it a few weeks later, it quickly became apparent that it was a part two of sorts. McInerney’s book, “The Alphabet Sisters” was clearly the precursor to this one.

As it happened, I had, by circumstance, ended up with someone else’s copy of “The Alphabet Sisters”, and so I read it instead.

And then suddenly two years had passed.

So, when packing for my long, luxurious, lazy, reading holiday, it was any easy choice for the bag. This is exactly the sort of book you want to read when you are on holidays. A harmless, formulaic, happy-ending-guaranteed novel that requires no extra thinking or commitment other than to turn up, read the words, and enjoy the journey.

Heavy-handed on the philosophising and light-handed on the plot, this was, nevertheless, a lovely read with all the expected friendly characters and little complications to keep you reading just-one-more-chapter before moving from your spot of sloth in the deck chair.

A perfectly lovely read. But you need to have read “The Alphabet Sisters” first.


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