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My Best Books – 2011

I’ve re-read all 37 of my Reading Notes from 2011, and I have to say, I read a lot of books that disappointed me over the year. That’s a bit sad. Hopefully 2012 will be a bit more satisfying in the book-reading department. In the meantime, here are my favourite lines from my top picks of the year. If I have to pick the very, very best, from the 6 finalists, it would have to be How to Make Gravy. Those non-fictions! They get me every time.


Pig Boy by J C Burke – “This book grabbed me from the start. The last two nights I have sat up far too late because… I COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN.”

Gone by Michael Grant – “The premise of Gone is that, suddenly, every single person 15 or older vanishes. The children, who it becomes apparent are not all perfectly normal children, have to find a way to survive in the ‘Lord of the Flies’ type world they are left in. Added to this, they soon realise that as each of them reach their 15th birthday, they, too, will disappear. I really enjoyed this book because it leaves you guessing throughout. I also liked it because a lot of the things the children do once all the adults are gone seem like very plausible choices.”


How to Make Gravy by Paul Kelly – “I feel privileged to have read this book. I feel satisfied and fed. This is a beautiful book… that you should read.”

Delete this at your Peril by Bob Servant – “A harmless, pointless, fun, little read. Well worth the dollar.”


Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey – “This book offers up a conundrum. It is beautifully written, but it tells an ugly tale. Nevertheless, it made me laugh and it offered hope, so I’m glad I read it. The characters are complex and flawed. The small town setting is stiflingly realistic. The dialogue between Charlie and Jeffrey is laugh out loud funny.”

The Affair by Lee Child – “He kills people with his bare hands and he is totally and utterly irresistible.”

So, now on to my 2012 reads. I am saving a few pages of the book I started on Boxing Day – to finish on Sunday – so you won’t have long to wait for the first review of 2012.


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Welcome to samreads!

Welcome to samreads – my new book reading blog for 2012. By moving my reviews to wordpress, I am now able to share my writing with the people in my life who prefer not to engage with Facebook on a regular basis. So now there are different ways to read my blog. You can follow the link I share on Facebook, or you can come directly to wordpress and avoid Facebook altogether.

Throughout 2011, I really enjoyed writing about the books I read. It started as a challenge – how many books was I going to read in a year? The final number turned out to be a lot less than I had expected. I think my beautiful new grandson is a major reason for my reading slowing down. Many of the afternoons that were previously spent reading while I waited for my wonderful husband to cook dinner are now spent visiting Emily and Asher and getting one more ‘squish’ before I go home. My iPhone (which I acquired a couple of weeks prior to the arrival of our little man) is as big a distraction as Asher from reading. Where I used to climb in to bed and read for at least half an hour every night, now I often spend half an hour playing Words with Friends and then snuggling down without picking up a book.

Whatever the reason, I have an enormous pile of books waiting to be read, and I have really enjoyed reviewing and engaging in conversation about books throughout 2011. So, with the encouragement of many loved ones, I have decided to continue blogging in 2012 – please let me know what you think.


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